Authentic African Art


Commonly asked questions and information regarding our items and policies


Are the art objects old?

Our collectibles items are made from between 190 to present day

How can I clean these African Art pieces?

Soft brushes, duster are effectives in removing dust and dirt from surfaces or crevices. Do not use water or detergents to clean artifacts!

What are African trade beads are used for?

Beads have been used by cultures, Religions, Personal adornment, communication and trade across the world. Nowadays, beads are used for collection, artworks, jewelry making, embroidery, costume design and much more.

Are the textiles neat?

Products that have been used are to be considered vintage. They might look old, faded, smell musty and may have imperfections, such as stains or holes. We try our best to sell them clean but we can't guarantee that they will look neat.

How can I clean the indigo textiles?

We recommend machine washing on a gentle, cold water cycle and air drying.

How to clean mudcloth textiles?

Mudcloth can be cleaned with good results by a dry cleaner.